Our Mission

India has long been a land of divine wisdom and knowledge. From the Rig Veda (possibly the oldest text in the world) to the Upanishads, India has always been a thought leader and center of knowledge and excellence built around the ethos of Vigyan, or knowledge.

The 21st century world is rapidly eliminating informational asymmetries and transforming into a knowledge economy. UAP aims to be the pivot in this knowledge economy by creating long-term value for all stakeholders through symbiotic relationships that accrue mutual gains.

We are the philosopher, the guide and the Sherpa that can find simple solutions for complex problems to help you navigate challenging and changing terrain. UAP is the partner for all seasons – rain or shine, the interests of our clients, partners, investors and portfolio companies are paramount to us.

Our Journey

Based in Mumbai, UAP was established in 2011 to be a nerve center for thought leadership as India transitions into a knowledge-based economy. Our deep-rooted knowledge in our areas of expertise is supported by our network of sector-specific partners, giving us the ability to solve the complex issues faced by modern businesses.

Our intrinsic understanding of the Indian market across sectors has enabled us to be successful investors in the Indian market, assist investors deploying capital in the Indian market and partner with a variety of businesses in the local market. UAP’s business has grown to encompass the following verticals:

Our Values

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Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are the core principles of our company philosophy. We believe in business guided by a strong moral compass and ensure that our businesses and associates adhere to this too.

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We focus on sectors and companies that balance ecological sustainability and economic growth. We work with innovative companies that create commercially viable solutions to improve the lives of our customers and clients and substantially upgrade the human development index.

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Innovation is the key to success in a knowledge-based economy. Modern companies can only succeed by being nimble and constantly looking to refine their business model. This principle is built into our corporate DNA.

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Symbiotic Value Creation

Long term and sustainable success is only possible when the benefits of growth and value generation accrue to all stakeholders in the ecosystem. Hence, we put the interests of our partners before ours and ensure that value is generated to them first in the interest of a viable long term partnership where we grow together.