UAP Advisors provides strategic advisory services to global clients in the fields of renewable energy & clean technology, power, financial services, aviation leasing, information technology, agriculture & infrastructure development. The broad experience of the team combined with UAP’s unmatched network across sectors has helped UAP provide customized solutions that directly address the heart of the problem faced by the client.

UAP has done extensive work in the renewable energy sector and has advised and received mandates from international and domestic players for various greenfield and brownfield projects. This includes technology evaluation, strategic planning and fundraising.

UAP also provides advisory and consulting services to clients in the education sector through its subsidiary, Eduwise Consultancy. Its real estate advisory arm, Pushti Hill Residency, provides buy-side advisory for investors in the Indian real estate space and assists them with market evaluation and strategic planning. Pushti also advises clients on the various nuances of real estate investing and execution.

UAP’s strong network and established relationships, both in India and across the globe, makes it an ideal partner for companies looking to supercharge their business development, growth and expansion plans.

The services offered by UAP Advisors broadly fall into one of the following categories, based on the industry in question and the client’s specific requirements:

  • Technology identification
  • Competitor analysis and strategies adopted by key players
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business development
  • Financial feasibility and analysis
  • Investment rationale
  • Joint Venture and partner selection
  • Execution strategy

    Industry Specialization

    • Energy

    • Clean Energy & Emobility

    • Power

    • Agri-Finance

    • Aviation

    • Financial Services

    • Real Estate

    • Education


    Case Studies


    Case Study 1: JOLCOs in Japan for a leading airline from the Middle East

    JOLCOs are a tax structure in Japan which is commonly used for movable assets, like aircraft, ships, railway wagons and so on. Our client approached us to help them understand and take advantage of the JOLCO structure and navigate the unique market scenario in Japan. Read our case study to learn how we helped them accomplish their objectives.


    Case Study 2: Solar manufacturing business strategy

    A leading industrial group was interested in exploring an investment in solar manufacturing and approached us to help develop a business strategy and identify market opportunities in the solar energy sector. Read our case study to learn how we helped this client successfully enter the solar industry.