CASE STUDY: New Energies & E-Mobility

Leading industrial group expands into solar energy

Sector: New Energies & E-Mobility

The Problem

A leading industrial group in India was exploring an investment in manufacturing for the solar industry. However, as new entrants they were not familiar with the market landscape in this sector. Our brief was to analyse the market conditions and identify opportunities in the solar manufacturing sector suitable for our client’s business needs.

The Solution

We studied the latest developments in solar technology, focusing on solar photovoltaic (PV) panels and emerging battery designs and chemistries with the highest potential for disruption. This included evaluating both the technical and financial viability of these technologies by analysing their levelised cost of power generation in various markets.

We mapped the cost economics and outlook for various manufacturing companies already operating in this space, using these learnings to project the desirability of each option for our client’s prospective investment.

This method helped us identify which parts of the solar and battery manufacturing value chain our client should focus on, along with identifying the right countries for setting up manufacturing centers and as markets for their products.

The Outcome

The results of our research were compiled into a customized and comprehensive business plan for the client and a detailed execution schedule was prepared. As lead developers of the business model, UAP also played an important role in the execution of this plan.