CASE STUDY: Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing

India market entry for a leading European chemicals manufacturer

Sector:Specialty Chemicals Manufacturing

The Problem

A leading European chemicals manufacturer owned by a family office wanted to enter the Indian market to diversify their operations. However, they were unfamiliar with the regulatory environment in India and wanted to partner up with a local company who could help them bridge this knowledge gap and help them establish manufacturing and sales operations in India.

The brief was to develop a cohesive plan for the client to set up a manufacturing operation in India and establish a sales and marketing operation in the domestic industrial chemicals market.

The Solution

UAP’s work on this project began with a deep dive into the Indian chemicals industry. We identified different market opportunities and worked with the client to narrow down the field and focus on the opportunity that best fit their requirements

The next step was to establish a local entity for the client and acquire all the requisite licenses and permissions to allow them to engage in the business of chemicals manufacturing. This was structured in a way that allowed for maximum risk mitigation in the local market.

UAP organized the establishment of the local manufacturing facility and built an all-new sales and marketing operation for the client.

The Outcome

The proposed plan was approved by the client and UAP formed a joint venture (JV) with the client, also invested in the JV as a minority shareholder. The client is now operating in the Indian market and the execution of the strategy is currently underway.